Steve Stevens - Master Closer 101

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Steve Stevens - Master Closer 101


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  • Straight from the Steve Stevens himself, star of the CNBC show 'Money Talks' and CEO of the highest-grossing sports consulting firm in the gaming industry.


The Superman of Salespeople!

He's been on National Television, Radio Programs, & Large Publications. He's trained countless sales people and wants to train you next!

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Born and raised in Las Vegas, Steve Stevens is the President and CEO of the highest-grossing sports consulting firm in the gaming industry. He came from nothing and built a multi million dollar business all on his own with unprecedented skills as a “master closer.”

He made history when he became the first and only sports consultant profiled in a prime time television series “Money Talks” on CNBC where the world saw Steve thrive in high-stakes situations while balancing a traditional family life at home. 

Steve Stevens has been featured in the FOX News, USA Today, MSNBC, Penthouse, Chicago Tribune, and other prominent media outlets, and hosts a weekly podcast covering sports and entertainment news along with interviews of athletes, celebrities, and prominent business executives.
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